21 February 2004


I would like to thank the people who have visited my very young weblog. Two days after installing the site tracker, I have had more than 450 visitors and the following statistics:

Total ----------------- 454
Average Per Day --------------- 227
Average Visit Length --------------- 14:46
Last Hour --------------- 16
Today --------------- 12
This Week --------------- 193

I would also like to thank Dr. Sydney Smith of "medpundit" for mentioning me in her blog today. Check out her blog on my link in the Reading List (left part of this weblog). Thanks also to Jerm of jermexpress.com for his comments and offer to redesign my weblog. Guess that will have to wait as I am still getting the hang of things around here. Another thanks goes to Jason Whong for inviting me over to his site and sharing insights.

Again I bid all of you welcome. May you make my weblog a part of your regular trips here in the Net.

Let's all learn from one another.

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