19 March 2004

---Late Night TV Sizzles

While checking my email this morning, I came across this caffeinated news: Courtney Love shows David Letterman an eyeful!

I got to hand it to David. He remains on top of the late nightshow charts because of his daring guests. I still remember Drew Barrymore who did the same several episodes ago. And of course, who can forget Janet Jackson (see my February 4 post).

Below are the highlights of the stunts Courtney did:

- her disastrous night kicked off with a shouting match with paparazzi, telling them to “go f*** yourself!” as she arrived at the Letterman show.

- she gave Dave “flashbacks” of Drew Barrymore’s infamous appearance on his show – times six (6 times!!!) – as the rocker repeatedly lifted her olive green shirt and exposed herself. David, trying to sport a brave face remarked, "Very sweet of you, now we're going to lose our liquor license."

- ignoring Dave's comment, she sat down on the couch and gestured to her breasts and said “FCC,” which is the Federal Communication Commission which did a recent crackdown on lewd content on television and radio. While still gesturing to her breasts Love said, "Is this like Reagan trickle-down economics? Is this like Bush trickle down?" I can almost say the audience were getting rowdy by this time.

- David later asked Love whether she could talk about her pending court case involving misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and being under the influence of a controlled substances. David asked if drugs indeed were involved in her case. "One expired Percocet and one Ambien," Love answered matter-of-factly. I was really stunned by this. A fish really gets caught with its mouth, eh?

- she later lit up a cigarette — defying New York City's strict anti-smoking laws — and asked Letterman, "Are you going to cut this because I'm smoking?"

Later on, Letterman looked profoundly uncomfortable with Love's scatterbrained performance, but he did get the last word. He was looking to cut to a commercial, but Love insisted he ask her one more question.

"How much do you weigh?" Letterman said.

Love looked shocked. She didn't answer.

Typical woman if you ask me. If you want to stop them from their incoherent ramblings, remind them how much they weigh. That ought to bring them back to Earth.

Seriously, my heart goes out to her and I sincerely think Love should get some help. She is one sad person. I think all these attention-getting episodes are a cry for help.

Ironic as it is , Love is not getting loved.

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