11 March 2004

---My Heartfelt Thanks Again

Barely a month since I installed the tracking device and at around 9pm Manila time (8am EST), my young weblog flew past the 1,000 visitors milestone per Sitemeter's tracking!

I want to thank all of you---the regulars, the irregulars, and those who simply drop by out of curiosity. Special thanks of course to the regulars: Bayibhyap, Sassy Lawyer, Lory, Xenia, Jerm, Joseph, Reyv, Sherri, Pong, Lara, and the others who still wish to remain as silent observers as of this time. Thanks for all the comments, complements, feedbacks, and support you all have brought to bring Parallel Universes where it is today.

Lately, I've been swamped with patients and all I can do was answer the comments. I apologize when I have no posts sometimes. I promise to come back and write as soon as I can.

I have added a Guestbook at the left panel. Please sign and leave a mark. You are very much a part of this weblog and I am also proud to have you and already regard you as my close friends.

Again, thanks!

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