02 March 2004

---The Impudence of the Abu Sayyaf

Four days ago, the 10,192-ton ship Superferry 14 caught fire off the coast of Mariveles, Bataan, about 20 miles north of Manila bay and until now it lies half-submerged and smoking. The fire killed at least one person and left 186 people still missing.

Two days ago, a spokesperson of the Muslim terrorist group Abu Saffyaf claimed responsibility by saying they had planted a suicide bomber within the ship they called Passenger 51.

Military investigators denied the claim saying there was no bomb found and that the cause of the fire was an electrical malfunction.

Up to this time, the Abu Sayyaf, this time through its chief Khaddafy Janjalani, continue to make headlines by insisting that they were responsible for the disaster warning that more explosions will come in the future.

All these claims and counterclaims make me confused. Who is telling the truth? And what are their respective motives?

For the government: If what the Abu Sayyaf is saying is true (and this is consistent with some of the passengers' claim that they heard a loud explosion prior to the fire), why are you not confirming it? Does it look bad for the incumbent president trying to win the coming elections?

For the Abu Sayyaf: If what the government is saying is true, why do you insist you did it? How can you be sooo proud in claiming such a dastardly act? Is there something to be proud of in killing people?

Come to think of it, who cares about the truth?

It will not bring back life to the dead.

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