08 March 2004

---Men's Real Best Friends

Let's face it, it is not dogs, but women, that are men's best friends. Of course, there would still be a significant number of men who will disagree and prefer dogs. But it is my opinion, that without women, men will be goners.

MLQ III said today that: "I once heard someone say that our country would be a lot better off -- indeed, the entire planet would be better off -- if our country and every country were run by women. Things would be more efficient, more sensible, more compassionate."

"...there is something to be said for a yearning for the matriarchal organization of society that seems the original kind of government for human society. Men start wars; women find ways to lessen its hardships, and nurture the young, the weak, and wounded. Men kill for power; women achieve power in other ways."

And what other ways may that be? Seduction? Charm? Allure? Guile? I guess some women use these traits either singly or in unison depending on what they want to achieve.

Consider this story from Neil Humphreys of Singapore:

"But my wife is more subtle than my mother. Rather than hit me with a broom, she slyly convinces me that I actually do wear the trousers."

"Hello mate," she'll begin brightly. "I see you're now sleeping on my side of the bed. That's fine."

"Er, yeah, it's further away from the noisy air-con and I'm a light sleeper."

"No, that's fine. You're the boss. But, you know, it could be a problem because the alarm clock is on the other side and I have to get up first and I wouldn't want to wake you up."

"That's true. Maybe you should stay near the alarm clock."

"Do you think so? What a clever husband you are."

Today is International Women's Day. The first National Women's Day in America was observed in 1909. International Women's Day began in 1911.

Today a modern woman's place is no longer the bedroom and kitchen. Here in the Philippines, there are now so-called "househusbands" taking care of the kids and the house while the wife goes to earn the family's bread and butter either here or abroad as, you guessed it---nurses, teachers, caregivers, and domestic helpers. A role-reversal you might opine. The product of our ever-changing economy and political environment.

We have had two women presidents already while the US still has to elect one. I would not venture a comment anymore if their presence on the presidency improved our country. History speaks for itself. All I will say is that we have had women in government and even the highest post in the land. We have had them. And that's it .

We have yet to wait for an Indira Gandhi or a Margaret Thatcher. God knows when that will be.

Meanwhile, we have to be content with our present leader.

Women are indispensable. They are key to our nation's progress. They are now more than just the "light" of households. They work. They earn money. They sacrifice. They lead.

Happy Women's Day to all Women!

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