06 April 2004

Two More Reasons To Quit

I still find it difficult to understand why we continue doing things that have been documented to cause real harm to our bodies. Like smoking. Even doctors smoke. When we were in medschool, we were shown real lungs of people who died from lung cancer. These lungs were collapsed, soggy, and sooty. There were a lot oohs-and-aahs, but that was it. When we walked out of the Pathology laboratory, my classmates went on with their smoking. Everyday, we see patients in the wards who are chronically ill, most of them dying, partly because they smoked like chimneys for years when they were young. Yet, that did not in any way discourage them from smoking. No sir! This post is not about doctors who smoke. I am just using doctors as examples to illustrate the gravity of the problem. I mean, if health advocates cannot quit, how much expectation should we ascribe to the general population? Can this battle be won at all? Even the fact that one can indeed die from smoking is not enough to stop smokers from killing themselves.

Today, there are two more reasons to quit smoking. Read it here and here.

The first reason says there is a direct link between smoking and early deaths, while the second one shows that even passive smoking can cause reduced wound healing. One reason means harm for your own body, while the other means harm for others.

To all smokers out there, what more reason do you need to quit?

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