25 May 2004

A Lot of What-Ifs Swirling Around

I woke up late today to the sound of congressmen and senators bickering over what to do with today's canvassing. I am on vacation this week and the alarm I programmed last night was that my TV will wake me up today and that's just what I got. Senators and congressmen are still debating endlessly on how they will conduct the canvassing of votes for presidential and vice presidential candidates. As I reached for today's paper, I found this is also the headline news today.

At the rate the lawmakers are going, I do not think there will be a president by next month. Add to this the destabilization efforts being exerted by both camps. GMA and her lackeys continue to impress upon the public that it was her that won the elections with more than a million votes. She even had the COMELEC proclaiming her as the undisputed winner. The opposition on the other hand, was reported to have been mobilizing the urban poor for an "EDSA IV" revolution to overthrow GMA and install FPJ as President.

The official deadline is June 30, 2004. We must have a president by that time. But what if there's still no president by June 30? Then, that invites the military to form a junta. It also invites GMA to declare Martial Law and remain in power indefinitely. Either way, the Filipinos lose again.

So, I pray those lawmakers get their act together and save a lot of us from further trouble.

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