22 May 2004

Here We Go Again

Courtesy of PDI

Mobile text messages (SMS) and emails yesterday and even early this morning kept on talking about rumors and rumors of an another impending coup d' etat and a huge opposition rally that aimed to beat the size the EDSA III crowd. Does the picture above tell you that, too?

After calling an emergency security meeting in Malacanang, GMA issued a strong warning to members of the opposition, chief of whom is opposition presidential standard-bearer Fernando Poe Jr., that they are on the brink of being charged and arrested for sedition as she claimed Poe and his supporters have been agitating the people by unofficially proclaiming Poe as the President-elect, being the winner of the 2004 elections.

Courtesy of Daily Tribune

The Daily Tribune today carried an editorial wondering where GMA has been these past few days. The editorial wonders why GMA has been noticeably keeping a low profile. It says, "There were too many appearances she should have made, but was a no-show, such as the Navy's anniversary and a housing project rites where she was supposed to have been the main guest. And to think that Gloria was everywhere, even in a small patubig project before the elections, and claiming this was governance."

Methinks GMA is just being cautious (cunning politician that she is, what do you expect?) but I don't believe she's resting. Far from it. I think she's pressuring and badgering military intelligence to do its job and see what the opposition is up to. The official election count by the COMELEC is far from over, and this early, you can already feel and cut the ripening tension between the NAMFREL count and that of the opposition's. You and I know that something big is going to explode soon if these two do not meet and agree on their figures.

Meanwhile, prices of everything from gasoline to food are going up, up, and away. And why not? Elections are over. No need to woo the people anymore. It's back to reality again.

As for me, I do not care who wins anymore. It's not as if my opinion or my countrymen's opinion matter, anyway.

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