15 June 2004

Maybe He Thought It Will Pass

Due to rising medical malpractice costs, an American Medical Association (AMA) doctor by the name of Dr. J. Chris Hawk III, is currently drawing flak from colleagues and lawyers because of his ridiculous proposed resolution that zoomed in on trial lawyers. He wants to withhold medical care to lawyers. How crazy is that?

Resolution 202 has been introduced by Dr. J. Chris Hawk III from South Carolina to the AMA's Committee B. It read in part like this:
"RESOLVED, That our American Medical Association notify physicians that, except in emergencies and except as otherwise required by law or other professional regulation, it is not unethical to refuse care to plaintiffs' attorneys and their spouses." Full story here
I had a good laugh reading that. According to another account,
"The chilling explanation by Dr. Hawk for this proposed resolution is that lawsuits against medical-practice mayhem raise malpractice insurance premiums 'forcing physicians to reduce their scope of practice, relocate, and retire early.' Therefore, he concludes, trial attorneys should be given 'the opportunity to experience the access problems caused by the professional liability crisis,' [and] then 'perhaps they would be willing to help change the system.'
I wonder what my friendSassy would say. Should we also do the same to our erring senators and congressmen?

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