20 July 2004

On Killing Mosquitoes

If a mosquito on your skin bothers you, flick it away, rather than swatting it.


Because the BBC reports of a case of a 57-year-old woman who died because of swatting instead of flicking mosquitoes. The full report here.

Doctors believed that the woman developed a fungal infection of the muscles after she swatted a mosquito, causing part of the insect to penetrate and infect her skin.

The doctors are puzzled because the fungal infection was caused by a fungus called Brachiola algerae, and this organism is thought to be found only in mosquitoes and other insects. This means it should not affect humans. My opinion is probably the woman was immunocompromised or susceptible to infections not previously heard of.

The doctors concluded that the woman, who died in 2002, probably developed the infection after smearing the insect into a bite.

So, just to be on the safe side, flick and don't swat.

Lots of good luck too, for I myself have problems hitting the mosquito by swatting. How much more if I will flick it?

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