31 July 2004

Another Test

With President GMA on the roll with her efforts to get funds to fix the public enemy #1 -- budget deficit and our pathetic fiscal situation, even civil wedding fees are not spared. From a measly P200, it has gone up to over a thousand pesos. Civil weddings are usually the mode of choice of good guys ready to get hitched. But with the current economic woes, moving-in with the guy or girl of your dreams (read: live-in) might be the next best choice for most.

In line with this, what do you think is the main consideration of most when moving-in with the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with?
A. Love - true and eternal

B. Money or financial stability - the prudent choice
Check out your answers with the link below and see how you fared with New Yorkers:


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mistress_mary said...

came across your blog when i searched for astra zeneca's site. hehe. anyway, lingered for a while, read the posts and conceded with some. heheh.

regarding the million dollar (?) question of eternal love vs. financial stability, here's my two cents:

>> human beings are rational and calculating. shempre! number two ang sagot sa iyong tanong -- but wait, there's more -- since we want to appease the guilt feelings and pretend that amidst all materialism and cravings for comfort that we are visceral creatures, we romanticize everything -- eventually invoking the proverbial "love" -- to attain absolution.

marriages, live-in arrangements, relationships are essentially comfort arrangements.

pardon me for being such a social exchange zealot but it's true. at the end of the day, the final arbiter of it all would be -- convenience. companionship is secondary, love? -- after the pheromones, chemistry and what have you -- wala na rin yun.


again, MY two cents. subjective ang commento. or maybe, it could just be pms. hehe

nice blog.Ü

"what the individual perceives as real has real consequences." - w.i. thomas