27 July 2004

Tea Drinkers Have Lower Blood Pressures

Taiwanese doctors writing in the latest issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, have found that
"Habitual moderate strength green or oolong tea consumption, 120 mL per day or more for 1 year, significantly reduces the risk of developing hypertension in the Chinese population." [Archives of Internal Medicine, Vol. 164 No. 14, July 26, 2004]
Tea consumption was defined as 120 mL or more per day intake of either green tea or oolong tea for at least 1 year.

In the study, the risk of developing hypertension decreased by 46% for those who drank 120 to 599 mL per day of tea which was further reduced by 65% for those who drank 600 mL per day or more. This was done after biostatistically adjusting for confounding factors like age, sex, socioeconomic status, family history of hypertension, body mass index, and others.

Can we have that cup of tea now?

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