07 July 2004

Other Excellent Films To See

This is not a film review but an invitation. It is an invitation to a special ongoing event I do not know if I can attend to, myself.

I learned it quite late but the 6th Makati Cinemanila International Film Festival has been ongoing since July 1st and will last only until July 12.

In the time of Spiderman, is it still worth watching films like these?

Why, yes. My problem is, how I can squeeze some time to watch.

Long before there was Voltes V, Dragonball Z, and Hitokiri Battousai of Samurai X, my Dad has already introduced me to two Japanese superhero characters --- Watari of Yami No Matsuei (translated from Japanese, it means - Descendants of the Dark), and the blind but ruthless swordsman who is Zatoichi. What James Bond and Indiana Jones combined is to Western audiences, Zatoichi is, to the Japanese.

I can't wait to see this modern-day adaptation of Zatoichi. And of course, there's the Imelda film, which I've heard so much from Sassy's posts. Here are the other reasons why you and I should go to the 6th Makati Cinemanila International Film Festival:
Girl With A Pearl Earring - a film adaptation of Tracy Chevalier's bestselling book about a 17th century painting of the same title, it tells the story of a young peasant maid working in the house of painter Johannes Vermeer.

Ondskan or Evil - based on the bestselling autobiography of journalist Jan Guillou, it recently gave Sweden its 13th Oscar nomination in the Best Foreign Language Film category at the recent Academy Awards.

Osama - the winner of the 2004 Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film. It gives an account of life under the oppressive Taliban rule in Afghanistan and is the firs film to be shot in that country since the US invasion.
I invite my fellow webloggers to watch these films and to write posts about it. That way, if others like me will be unfortunate enough to catch these wonderful films, we may at least get to read what you thought about them.

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