17 August 2004

If So, How Long Can We Hold on?

And I thought yesterday's post was bad.

I mean, if Filipino doctors really become endangered species soon, I see our nation's fate turning for the worse. Filipinos can probably survive without too many clothes or without shelter (surely our extended family culture can save us), but getting afflicted with either a deadly infectious disease --- which are a dime a dozen here --- or a long-standing chronic illness like diabetes, chances of long-term survival decreases to a minimum. Confound this with equally depressing conditions like expensive medicines and hospitalizations and I think we have just concocted the recipe for our doom.

Pardon me, if I'll go whining again. It seems that's what I do best.

I thought this morning would be better, but as I came across Conrado de Quiros' "Edge of the Precipice", nanghina ako (I felt weak). Read his article below and weep.

Edge of the precipice - INQ7.net

What I cannot fathom is the inaction that goes along with it. I'm pretty sure the President and her crew know about this. I mean, de Quiros is not from the government, but he writes about our current state too well it has the significant details all over it.

You know about these things. I know about these things. WE ALL KNOW what's happening.

And....? Wala. Dedma. The inaction and the silence is deafening. Of course, I and the others can blog about these things until kingdom come but who do we expect will help us?

George Bush Jr? Far-out. After Angelo, he called it quits.

Keana Reeves?

Last I heard, she has changed her mind about naming names in Congress. You might think of her as an inane character, and maybe she is. But she exemplifies a Filipino trait that's missing all this time: sustainability

I do not believe we lack the traits to bounce back where we should be. We lack the DRIVE TO SUSTAIN the good things we are doing. Again, the causes for these are legion: cynicism, poverty, selfishness, corruption, declining quality of education, etc., etc.

I do not pretend to know the answers to all our problems. Even if I did, it would be too foolish of me to think I can do anything substantial.

I am just worried. Make that --- very worried.

Because if a lowly columnist says we are on the "edge of the precipice," I believe him. I can smell and taste it everytime I wake up. I believe you do, too.

I think President GMA has pushed the panic button before she even delivered her State of the Nation Address (SONA) in Congress.

Have you witnessed the SWARM of taxes getting implemented everyday? Tax the text messaging service. Tax the motels. Tax liposuction and other surgical enhancements. Tax left and right. GMA is streamlining the bureaucracy by laying off government workers and uniting redundant government departments in an effort to save more money. She is also trying to sell portions of the Malampaya consortium, which by the way, I believe is our remaining ace in bad deck of cards. You might opine that these are good moves but they are simply NOT ENOUGH. Because meanwhile, have you noticed that gas prices increased yesterday? Prices of basic goods have gone up, too.

Ghoulish scenarios keep playing in my mind: the economic status will continue to plummet in the coming months and more and more doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, and truck drivers will go to the US and Iraq in the hope of greener pastures.

Wala nang matitira dito para mangalaga sa mga nangangailangan. Wala na ang mga "rocket scientists ni Tito Rolly. (No one will be left here. Tito Rolly's rocket scientists will all vanish)

Let us try our best NOT TO FALL OFF as we hang on "the edge of the precipice," ok?

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