21 August 2004

--- You Would Be Surprised

Dr. Philip Chua, a physician-columnist of Malaya newspaper showed recently "the most common actual causes of death in the United States" [Philip S. Chua, MD - Malaya].

It looked very interesting:

  1. Tobacco - 435,000

  2. Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity - 400,000

  3. Alcohol Consumption - 85,000

  4. Microbial Agents (influenza and pneumonia viruses) - 75,000

  5. Toxic Agents (pollutants and asbestos) - 55,000

  6. Motor Vehicle Accidents - 43,000

  7. Fireams - 29,000

  8. Sexual Behavior - 20,000

  9. Illicit Drug Use - 17,000

What do you think is the common denominator in the list?

The list might pertain to Americans, but I'm sure the Philippine picture is not too far from the ranges presented.

Most are attributable to lifestyle whims and attitude brought about by our lackadaisical ways and mores.

Life has never been this easy. With bluetooth, wi-fi, and the internet, the only part of the body that exercises the most is either the thumb or the index finger. The waist and tummy area, however, gets bigger and bigger every day.

Can we go against the tide and live longer?

Or are all these the inevitable outcome of progress?

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