06 August 2004

Successful 17-hour Separation Surgery in NYC

For the first time in their young lives, Carl and Clarence Aguirre are sleeping in separate beds. At noon on Thursday, Montefiore Medical Center released new pictures of the little boys from their Web site.

Twins conjoined at the head are extremely rare, it happens in one in ten million live births. There has never been a successful separation in which both twins have gone on to lead normal lives. Doctors at the hospital hope the Aguirre twins will go on to be the first. [7Online.com: In the Bronx, Doctors Separate Conjoined Twins After Grueling Surgery]
Congratulations to the pediatric neurosurgeons who separated the twins. We pray no untoward complication will happen to them and the following days become brighter for the twins. Aguirre relatives here are very happy with the development.

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