19 October 2004

---New Study Says So

I've always said that any medical advice I give here should not, in any way, replace the medical advice that your personal physician can and will give you. Your personal physician is still the best person to assess your condition because he can see you and personally do the necessary physical and diagnostic examinations. Using his best judgment, he can tell you what is wrong with you and how it can be best managed.

To prove this point, here comes a study from London that says that following health advice from the Internet could be detrimental for your chronic illness.

While advice provided over the Internet generally helps patients improve medical knowledge, it doesn't do much to actually improve their health, according to scientists at University College London. In fact, some people who relied mostly on the online advice were found to be in poorer health than those who were mostly counseled by their physicians.

Lead researcher Dr. Elizabeth Murray said her findings appeared to defy conventional wisdom. She suggested that advice found online might lead some people to make treatment choices on their own, contradicting recommendations from their doctors, reported BBC News Online.


When it comes to medical advice over the Internet, take it with a grain or pinch of salt. Your best choice is still a consultation visit to your personal physician.

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