09 November 2004


We have several announcements....

First, the good news. PARALLEL UNIVERSES is one of twelve finalists for this year's Most Informative Blog Site of the Year. Thanks to the organizers for recognizing my blog. Honestly, I don't do this for any rewards. I simply enjoy writing about my thoughts and opinion on stuff, mostly health and medically-related news items. But since you've recognized my existence, I acknowledge it and would like you to know I'm thankful.

Second, my old template still in "ICU". My friend web designer here in the Philippines is the one doing all the tweaking in my present template. I understand my weblog can now be viewed using ALL browsers and I think that's cool. Tito Rolly complained a week ago about my Haloscan commenting system, but I think it's ok now. If you still have problems (layout, loading, browser incompatibilities, etc.) reading my posts, please tell me about it. I appreciate your comments to improve this weblog even more. According to my techie friend, the "template tinkering" will go on until my old template gets of "ICU." Please bear with the occasional color and template changes.

Third, Medblog Grand Rounds will be hosted tomorrow by Gruntdoc. Please drop by his website to read and see the past week's most interesting medical weblogs all over the medical blogosphere. My turn to host the Grand Rounds will be sometime in December I think.

Thanks and looking forward to see you here more often.

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