03 November 2004


From CNN: Looks like we have a winner.....

This is how fast Americans do it. Simply remarkable.

Better luck next time (that is, if Hillary will decide not to run) for John Kerry.

This early, conservatives like MM is already bashing the liberals to go and leave town while they still have time. It seems the battle is finished. We have a clear winner as Ohio decided to give their votes to Bush.

For the uninitiated, Ohio is this election's Florida.

How did Bush win when we were told before that it was a tight race?

Well, my friend Stan, of the Air Fisherman has a very nice theory on what was responsible for the boost in Bush's numbers.

Then, there's also this theory that continues to float around.

Oh well. Congratulations, President Bush.

So....what's next for us and for the rest of the world?


UPDATE on Nov 3 2004, 7:24pm EST: In case you think I made an early call for President Bush above, here's the official word from CNN.....

Bush won, alright. Senator Kerry has conceded.

Congratulations again to President Bush.

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