05 November 2004


The "War President" by the American Leftist

With the American elections over, conservative and liberal supporters still have words to say to each other.

The image above is called the "War President." It was made by the American Leftist last April. A more detailed image can be found here and here.

I posted this because I am amused by the dichotomy of reactions to this image by conservative and liberal supporters.

Liberals like Michael Moore --- yes, of the Fahrenheit 9/11 fame --- who are probably licking their wounds right now, see the War President picture differently. See Mike Moore's interpretation here.

Fierce conservatives, like Michelle Malkin --- yes, the columnist --- has her interpretation here.

When I was a kid (and until now when I'm still a kid at heart), I looked at clouds and saw different sorts of things: from giraffes to vanilla ice cream cones to women with voluptuous figures. When I got older, I learned about the Rorschach Test, and how it analyzes one's interpretation of ambiguous images.

These days, there's a slight twist of the Rorschach Test.

Interpret what you see from the "War President" --- might as well call it the War President Test --- and we can tell if you were happy or disgusted with the results of the past US elections.

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