09 November 2004


CodeBlueBlog has a very interesting theory on how Yasser Arafat became a "vegetable." Read it here.

As I've said in my past post, the failure to issue a valid health bulletin on Arafat's true health condition will produce a lot of speculation. CodeBlueBlog's theory for me is a highly probable theory. There have been many cases of medical cover-ups before.

In my opinion, because Arafat is a key world political figure, many want him killed. Sick or not, he leads a very controversial life. His successors are fighting over his position even before he got sick. If he dies, there is a big question mark where he will be buried: will it be in Jerusalem or in Gaza?

The latest news about him is about his wife being described recently as a "first lady from hell."

I hope we get the whole truth about his real condition.

God bless him.

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