05 January 2005


This website has been nominated for Best New Medical Weblog 2004 and is again asking your help for votes. If you think my weblog is worthy of the said accolade, please vote this website ONCE-PER-DAY by clicking the links on the left side.

Yesterday, Dr. Ostrovsky, the supervisor of the current elections, left a note in my comment box noting that there has been "vote tampering" and that extra votes in my favor will be removed. The insinuation that there is cheating on my behalf disappoints me extremely.

I sincerely think there has been a misunderstanding as my readers usually vote in their offices in different departments. As IP addresses are recorded, repeated IP addresses must have come from the same server, although different people have voted.
I really do not know the intricacies of how such a thing can happen, but it happened.

If there's anyone out there who can help us sort out this confusion, please email Dr O at echocardiography[at]gmail[dot]com.

Again, I advise those who think that this weblog should win to vote only ONCE-PER-DAY (using the links on the left) until January 17, 2005.

Let me also assure everyone, including Dr. O and my fellow medical bloggers, that I do not condone cheating, especially when it's done on my behalf.


UPDATE at 12:20am, January 6 2005: Please make sure to read the post after this --- the one titled A MISUNDERSTANDING. It should clear things up on both parties concerned.....I hope.

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