30 June 2005

Dirtiest Metro Manila Air

Data from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) show that northern Metro Manila is the most polluted part of the metropolis mainly due to traffic congestion.

The amount of pollutants in the air over Valenzuela and Congressional Avenue, between Quezon City and Caloocan, exceeded the acceptable standard, the DENR report said.

[DENR] pointed out that the entire metropolis for the past two years had breached the long-term acceptable level of particulate matter in the air, which is 90 ug/Ncm.

In 2003, Metro Manila had 156 ug/Ncm. This increased by 5 percent last year or 160 ug/Ncm.

[INQ7.Net, Jun 29 2005]
And you wonder why there are so many people with asthma, with exacerbated tuberculosis, and other respiratory diseases.

Why do non-smokers and those with no family history of cancer die of lung cancer?

Well, here's an obvious hypothesis researchers can pursue.

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Mec said...

i think Jojo heard/read a news nga din saying na we have the greatest incidence of rhinitis eh... and am sure pollution plays a big factor there too :(

rolly said...

Northern part of Metro Manila only? Why is that too hard to believe for someone who travels south everyday?

bayi said...

I believe Metro Manila is not an exception among the world's cities in having polutted air. While I don't have the readings, people in Tokyo pay for breating clean oxygenated air by putting money into slot machines.

In Kuala Lumpur, you wear a white shirt and walk around the city. Don't expect a clean shirt after the trip! The air here is also dirty no thanks to open burning both by some locals and also the plantations in Indonesia.

may said...

clean air or not, people still get asthma and other allergies. here in california, (where i assume the air is a little cleaner than there) a lot of people i know are suffering from allergies due to pollens, especially spring to fall season. i guess, we humans have nowhere to go huh.

Dr. Emer said...

Mec: The dirty air exacerbates it all.

Tito Rolly: The figures speak for itself. But I believe you because you travel south everyday.

Bayi: Wow! Paying for bottled oxygen? That sure is dirty.

May: Nowhere to go, indeed. We must take good care of the environment so it will take good care of us.

bayi said...

Dr Emer

I don't think it is bottled oxygen. You insert a coin into the slot machine and take the breathing apparatus that gives you that amount's worth of oxygenated air. I read this more than 15 years ago in an article about Tokyo. The air there was already that dirty then.

thescrubsfamily said...

We can all use clean air. We must be nice to our environment.

http://environmentaldefense.com !

thescrubsfamily said...

dot org pala.


gio said...

uhm, this is out of context. but thanks for reading my blog and posting a comment.

much appreciated.

Dr. Emer said...

Bayi: I think we can make use of the same "oxygen stations" here.

Kuiipo: Thanks for the informative link.

Gio: You are most welcome.

Karina said...

Hi Dr. Emer!
I have been here, just read your last two posts and thought they were really interesting.
Air pollution here is really worrying, mainly in the major cities as mine and it gets worst when the air is too dry.
You have a new reader now!

Duke said...

hi doc...

When I was living in manila, I was not aware of the extent of pollution until I lived in another country and saw the big difference. Not just air pollution but noise and water pollution is a big problem as well in the city. ahhh..

Dr. Emer said...

Hello Karina! Thanks for liking the posts. I'm happy to welcome you to my weblog.

Dr. Emer said...

Duke, hello, how are you doing?

Yes, you will only know the difference once you see another better place. Have you seen construction workers here who use jackhammers without earmuffs or protective earwear. I guess they also do not know what they're missing, huh?

polo said...

pahirap ng pahirap huminga sa maynila. paglanding mo palang sa naia ang sakit sa dibdib ng hanging maynila. halos lahat ng bbayan na kilala ko ay inuubo at namamalat. masarap umuwi, masakit nga lang sa dibdib.

Dr. Emer said...

...at sa lalamunan din, Ka Paulding. Laging may pesteng ehem, wika nga. ;)

Anonymous said...