29 July 2005

Cancer Patients' Lifestyle

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, will you be amenable to reform your lifestyle? Will you exercise more regularly and will you eat more fruits and veggies?

While you might think that is the right way to go, a new study finds that there is a group of cancer survivors who do not change their lifestyle.
Although cancer survivors frequently eat better and exercise more after their diagnosis, the researchers found that not all survivors make healthy changes. For instance, 20 percent of cancer survivors smoke, a rate that is only slightly lower than that seen in the general population.

Studies also suggest that between 30 and 60 percent of survivors eat healthier after their diagnosis, but many remain overweight or obese, and appear to gain weight over time.

Overall, men, survivors older than the age of 65, less educated individuals and people living in urban areas were less likely to make or maintain healthy lifestyle changes after learning they had cancer.

[ Reuters Health, Jul 28 2005 ]

Having cancer makes one realize how mortal he or she is, and how fleeting life on this planet can be. But not everyone who knows that react to prolong whatever dwindling life there is left in them. Many have varied reactions and reasons.

I believe it all depends on how much hope they have in their hearts, and how open their mind is to a reality that comes too sudden, and too abrupt.

3 reactions:

Gimikera said...

Hi I saw that you're my virtual neighbor through Feedmap. Keep on blogging!

joyce said...

any terminal illness, such as cancer, in my opinion, can be viewed upon, as a gift from God...too idealistic, and easy to say for someone who doesn't have it. my ex had it and i know the physical and emotional pain he went through. if i were in a cancer patient's shoes, i'd be appreciative of the 2nd shot at life...but i'd be more mindful of my relationships with the people around me than my physical being...konti na lang ilalagi ko, kakain na ako ng gusto ko! hehehe

rolly said...

Some habits are just too hard to kick. Even if it means having to die for it. Tragic no?