22 July 2005

Let's Talk About Hemorrhoids.....

Do you have hemorrhoids?

A hemorrhoid is a condition which results when veins around the anus become swollen and inflamed. It may occur due to constant straining when moving your bowels. There are two types: external when found outside and around your anal opening, and internal when located inside. Hemorrhoids are also classified as 1st degree when they do not protrude outside the anus, 2nd degree when it protrudes but retracts spontaneously, 3rd degree when it can be manually re-inseted, and 4th degree when there is total prolapse and cannot be manually re-inserted.

Treatment largely depends on the severity of the condition during consult. If mild, the usual medical advice given will range from warm tub baths to increasing fiber and water intake so as to prevent more strain during bowel movement. When necessary, a procedure known as rubber band ligation or RBL is done to stop the blood flow to the hemorrhoids and make it shrivel or fall off in about a week or so.

Now, there is a new report from the Cochrane Library, famous for its meta-analyses studies, that for severe hemorrhoids, the treatment of choice is surgery rather than RBL.
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) --- In the long run, surgical removal is the treatment of choice for severe hemorrhoids, according to a review of previous studies.

On the other hand, circling the hemorrhoid with a tiny rubber band, known as rubber band ligation (RBL), is suitable for less severe disease. This approach cuts off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid, so that it eventually sloughs off.

The overall analysis indicated that hemorrhoid symptoms were 68 percent more likely to resolve with surgery than with RBL.

[ Reuters Health, Jul 21 2005 ]

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eye said...

how true is it that people who are fond of spicy food are more prone to hemorrhoids? although i've read some articles saying that spicy food may aggravate the condition, only if you have it already.

Dr. Emer said...

Ah, the spicy food-hemorrhoid angle. Brilliant question, eye! Thanks.

Fondness for spicy food does not really make individuals prone to developing hemorrhoids. Rather, an increased intake of spicy foods seems to worsen pre-existing hemorrhoidal symptoms like swelling and bleeding.

The key to preventing hemorrhoids is by keeping in mind that strain (whatever form) be removed from the anorectal region. The most common form of "strain" here is constipation. Avoid constipation at all costs by:
- eat more fiber (fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread/cereals)
- avoid no-fiber foods like white bread, red meat, sodas, cheese, ice cream, etc.
- drinks lots of fluids everyday (8-10 glasses of water at different times of the day)
- avoid those drinks which make you urinate more like coffee and tea (dehydration)
- have a regular form of physical activity or exercise to promote regular bowel movement
- avoid straining during defecation or sitting on the toilet for a prolonged period of time
- avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time; take short walks or stand and stretch periodically

Luchie said...

Hello Doc Emer!
my husband had this so called RBL here in SG and it took only a few minutes for the doctor to do it. The doctor told my husband that another cause of this is my husband's habit of rading newspapers while sitting and doing his thing.
This post of yours is very informative for my husband. He still has 3 small growths to be removed as he had 6 before but he refused to go back to the doctor for the RBL. Do you think it will be okay for him to have the 3 small growths not removed?

Dr. Emer said...

Hello Luchie. Thanks for dropping by.

The decision whether or not to surgically remove hemorrhoids depends on the condition of the patient. If the symptoms hinder him from performing basic daily tasks, then removal may be needed. The best thing to do is to discuss this matter with his doctor.

bayi said...

I read an article some time ago that said that there is an instrument that can treat piles without resorting to surgery or rubber-banding and this is more effective and less painful. I have forgotten the name of the instrument or the procedure but the article mentioned that this procedure is gaining popularity. Have you heard of this, Dr Emer?

tobie said...

that hurt.
Reading this hurts!


rotero said...

its actually hurts, but is surgery are always the best option to rid this painful thing in our butt?

JJ Ross Homeschooling with Herbs;-) said...

Thank you for bringing this topic out in the open!! As a lifelong sufferer who has considered hemorhoidectomy, I have seen and heard every interesting remedy that exists, but I prefer to fight fire with fire;-) If spicy food is the cause: I take action, and use tea tree oil combined with lemon juice, and for milder out breaks, I find that vibrating massage directly on the anus helps a bit to relieve symptoms.
Keep on blogging;-)

hemoroidi said...

It is true that vibrating massage directly on the anus helps a bit to relieve symptoms.

zway said...

well written! it really does hurt reading this post!

hemorrhoids relief said...

What can I say is it depends on the situation, if the hemorrhoids are too painful, then consider undergoing surgery.

cowes 2008 said...

As a long term hemorrhoid sufferer, I would say spicy foods definitely cause add irritation the next day particularly anything with chillis in it.
I had an operation last year on my internal hemorrhoid which did thankfully cure it, unfortunately as a result of 'straining' I now have a small anal fissure the pain of which makes the piles look like a walk in the park.
So don't strain and stay away from spicy foods! I find the two best methods to beat hemorrhoids is exercise and drinking lots of water.
hope this helps

Lala said...

I would do anything to avoid surgery - it's painful for a start - and not a complete solution because your hemorrhoids will eventually come back - how often do you want to go through surgery?

hem relief said...

Thanks for such an informative article. I think anyone who is suffering from hemorrhoids should try to get it treated by some proven natural and safe treatment methods before opting for the surgery which can be really painful.

Steve said...

I don`t think surgery is the last option. there are many treatments you can use that will help you.