15 July 2005

Therapeutic Benefits of Video Games

To all kids and kids-at-heart, here's one more report to show your parents and those who discourage you to play video games:
....a leading expert said Friday that (video) games ease pain, distract patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, and help to develop dexterity.

"The degree of attention needed to play such a game can distract the player from the sensation of pain," Professor Mark Griffiths, of Nottingham University in England, said in an editorial in the British Medical Journal.

In patients with arm injuries, the games have been used to increase strength and dexterity while children with learning disabilities have played them to develop spatial ability.

"Therapeutic benefits have also been reported for a variety of adult populations including wheelchair users with spinal cord injuries, people with severe burns and people with muscular dystrophy," according to Griffiths.

[ Reuters Health, Jul 14 2005]

But as I've said on my previous post, play video games only after you've done your homework and studies, ok?

Read the full text of this week's British Medical Journal editorial by clicking the following link:

3 reactions:

sharima said...

intensive playing can also lead to a person not cleaning his room as in the case of my brother. hehehe...but it's good to note that playing video games can help fight stress and other pains.

Toni said...

Yey! I'll use this as a reason to extend PS2 hours tonight... hehehe.

bayi said...

Therapeutic benefits? I can attest to that!