19 July 2005

Too Much Sex

Consider this scenario: Husband pops a Viagra pill 1 hour before bedtime. He gets his sexual boost. 'Problem is, the wife is not in the "mood," but agrees nonetheless, since a pill costs more than P500 bucks (about US$9.00, using today's foreign exchange), and both do not want good money put to waste. The wife also do not want to disappoint a husband whose self-esteem is already at an all-time low.

We all know what Viagra can do, and how it is supposed to improve sexual performance in men. Viagra does not disappoint and it delivers what it's supposed to do. Recently, however, I came across a "downside" to the Viagra culture.
Some New Zealand women say Viagra is giving their sex life too much of a lift.

They complain that their partners insist on having sex --- regardless of their own mood --- because the men want to get their money's worth. A 48-year-old, who said Viagra made sex inevitable, said the attitude was: "I've taken the pill, OK, let's go".

And a 60-year-old, explaining the difficult adjustment to a sudden, vigorous sex life, said: "All of a sudden Viagra became the focus in the house for a while".

The comments were made in studies by Canterbury University researcher Annie Potts of men and women in relationships where men aged from their mid 30s to early 70s had "erectile difficulties".

Some of the issues raised included unwelcome changes to sexual practice, tension and conflict in communication between partners, fears about men's infidelity and concerns about adverse health effects from using Viagra.

Some of the women said that health professionals did not consult with the female partner when treating males for erectile dysfunction.

[ New Zealand Herald, Jul 16 2005 ]

The best part (at least, for me) of the news item is a comment of a 66-year old lady who asked:
"It's wonderful for the man if he gets an erection and enjoys things more, but why can't they accept that life changes and if you can't have an erection, what's the big deal?"
I think a good solution (for men) in this case is to ask permission from your female partners before you take the blue pill. You simply can't have sex when you want it. You must both agree to it first. After all, Love also means understanding your partner, right?

7 reactions:

rolly said...

I agree completely. sex has always been a two way affair. So, men should ask permission first before taking the blue pill. If, on a very rare occasion, you didn't and the wife does not approve, next solution is to have bengay ready for your hand. haha

Duke said...

very nice article you have, doc. I also agree that men should ask their wives or partners before they pop the blue pill. It is not just for their own satisfaction in the end , no? and sex is not a sport anyway...

Dr. Emer said...

Tito Rolly: Very funny. Bengay for your hand, huh? LOL

Duke: I like the way you put it..."sex is not a sport." Well, some men look at it that way. :)

joyce said...

tito rolly,
buti nga kung kakayanin ng ben-gay yan...hehehe...

hi doc emer!
i also believe that sex is a two-way thing...erectile dysfunction should not be a hindrance to a good relationship between spouses. besides, there are other ways of which a husband can show intimacy...creativity lang ang kelangan :-)

Dr. Emer said...

Joyce: Hello there! Sometimes the urge to copulate and creativity do not go together. A partner is bound to suffer most of the time. Usually it is the female.

bayi said...

tito rolly, naughty, naughty....but, hey, I like your sense of humor. hehehe... LOL

I don't understand how a little blue pill can make monsters out of those men who use them. Plan your love-making. Serenade your wife early in the afternoon or early evening. Get her into the mood. This is part of the foreplay. If the going is good, then pop in your little blue pill. It takes only about half an hour, I believe, for the magic to work. By then both parties would have been more than ready.

If your life story is pop in the pill first and then get your money's worth at all cost, then you have lost it man! The magic has gone out of your relationship and it is not love we are talking about but self-gratifying sex! And then, of course, tito rolly's suggestion serves just as well! LOL

Delyla said...

All i want to know is, if i have sex 4 times a day, 7 days a week; would that not affect my health? And the structure of my private parts? (exclu, breastss)