26 August 2005

Dengue in Singapore

SINGAPORE --- I'm still here in fine Singapore having an extended vacation. I picked a copy of The Straits Times yesterday (see the image above) and was surprised to see what Singaporeans meant with "record-high dengue cases."

I'm sharing with you an excerpt of what I read. The online version requires a paid subscription and you might not be able to access it.
After an average of about 322 cases per week in the first half of this month, cases surged to a record high of 414 last week, Health Ministry figures obtained by The Straits Times show.

Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, and Serangoon are among the worst-hit areas.

In response, the National Environment Agency (NEA), which spearheads dengue control operations, is stepping up checks on mosquito breeding sites, launching an online dengue-alert map that lists all active hot spots and encouraging town councils to set up dedicated mosquito-buster programmes.

[ The Straits Times, Aug 25 2005 ]

Click on Singapore's online Dengue Alert Map to see updated reporting of dengue cases.

I'm amazed that at 414 dengue cases per week, Singapore health officials are alarmed and label it already as "record-high." Review my past posts here and here, and tell me how a Singaporean will react if he sees our own dengue case figures.

I've been to Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, and Serangoon districts in Singapore --- don't worry, I wasn't bitten by any mosquito --- and I think the unusual rise of dengue cases here can be attributed to the areas' population. These are mostly residential areas.

To control dengue, town councils in Singapore have hired pest control operators in their areas. Their NEA also began fining first-time offenders who were found to have mosquitoes breeding in their homes last February.

Singapore is a place where people have discipline because their leaders see to it that laws are followed to the letter. Alas, I can only heave a heavy sigh for my country, and daydream that hopefully one day we can also develop that kind of passion to improve our regretful conditions.

8 reactions:

Mec said...


baka they're doing some kind of ratio thing... like here in our country, super duper milyones tayo... hindi alarming yung so and so deaths...

then again... kelan nga ba na-alarm ang mga authorities?

Rygel said...

i agree. i think singapore is a lot smaller area-wise. Poor mosquitoes! wala silang laban sa high-tech na singapore... dito nalang sila sa Pinas... libre bahay at pagkain pa sila hahaha

sachiko said...

Hi,Dr.Emer! Hope you enjoyed your stay there and thanks for sharing this news to us. I can feel how disappointed you are with our government..I know that everytime you go and visit other countries you can't help but compare and feel frustrated with our system and people behind the Philippine flag.

Dr. Emer said...

Mec: Cynical is more like it. :)

Rygel: Yes, total population counts, of course. But you also got to acknowledge their tireless efforts to control and solve their problems with passion.

How was the boards last week? God bless sa boards this weekend...

Sachiko: Disappointed, yes. But I'm not giving up. It can be done. We just have to be united and consistent. Domo arigato, Sachiko-san.

BatJay said...

ganda ng singapore ano doc? nabisita mo ba ang mga ni recommend ko sa iyo? i hope you're having a good time in our second home.

the singapore govt. fumigates on a regular basis - this is why it will take a major effort to find flies and mosquitos. which is why denque is rare in singapore. but there are exceptions and you'd hear them on the news every now and then. that stat of 400 is quite high. probably the highest i've heard in a long time. enough reason for them to worry i guess.

enjoy your stay.

Ate Sienna said...

aba. kaya pala nananahimik ka sa egroups eh dahil andyan ka! di ka nagpapaalam sa lola mo! hehehe

hope you and soulmate are enjoying your vacation. miss ko na kayo :)

Rygel said...

imagine they actually fine people who have places where the mosquitoes can breed. if that doesn't teach them responsibility....

Biochem was impossible!

Dr. Emer said...

BatJay: Touchdown! I'm back home. Tama ka, ang galing ng Singapore!!! 'Makes one realize how much we lack here at home.

Ate Siennes: Di na ako nagpapaalam because I'll be back before you know I was even gone. Sana mag-meet ang BBerks sa Singapore soon. Great, great place.

Rygel: They also have fines for people who piss and spit anywhere, who don't buckle up when inside a moving vehicle, and a whole lot of other things.