30 August 2005

Dying Young

You would suppose that being doctors we hold some of the answers to the most puzzling questions about life and death. Most of the time that is not true.

Of course, we can probably offer theories and technical explanations as to what happens when a chronic illness snuffs life out of what used to be a vibrant person.

Deep inside though, a gnawing "WHY?" keeps on haunting us. I felt the same when I read Nurse May's post a while ago. May is a Filipino nurse working in the US. I have long admired the passion she puts in her writing. I invite you to read her moving post, and feel the gnawing frustration that haunts both nurses and doctors.

3 reactions:

Toni said...

That was a moving post indeed. Thanks for sharing it, Dr. E. I've left a note for Nurse May.

Dr. Emer said...

Thanks, Toni. Your words will soothe any troubled heart. :)

jey said...

i read the post, and it reminds me of my tita whom we lost last july due to lung cancer. it was both a shock and a painful loss for us. but it happens.