03 August 2005

More Muscles From The Bottle

Sculpted arms without breaking a sweat? Two minutes a day to chiseled abs?

Teens preoccupied with defined muscles or attempting to gain weight were more likely to take potentially harmful supplements at least weekly, report researchers in a new study in Pediatrics.

Girls trying to look like women in the media and boys who perused fashion, health, and men's magazines were also more likely to take such products regularly, including weight loss drinks, protein powders and shakes, creatine, amino acids, growth hormone, and steroids.

About a third of both boys and girls reported often thinking about or desiring toned muscles.

[ USNews.com Health, Aug 01 2005 ]

I remember my elementary classmate who used to take steroids to grow muscles. Sure he grew muscles a la Arnold Schwarzenegger , but the thing is, if you look at him at that time, I'm sure you'd be amazed and puzzled about his morphology. He grew 'super muscles' in less than 5 months. The reason? He thought more muscles meant more girls. Later on, he found out that wasn't necessarily true.

There is nothing wrong in wanting to have six-pack abs or sculpted arms, but what is unusual is trying to achieve it as soon as possible using growth hormones, steroids, and other potentially unhealthful products.

Everything requires time and pure hard work --- eating the right food, exercising more, and proper strength/resistance training. Protein powders and supplements might be safe but taking anabolic steroids may cause harm to the body. Think in terms of testicular atrophy, impotence, liver and kidney damage, an increased risk for heart disease, and increased aggression.

Build muscles the old-fashioned way. And remember, not all girls go for buff.

8 reactions:

fionski said...

Testicular atrophy should be enough to scare the men from using steriods. Hehehe. Besides, if a man gets too bulky for junior, talagang liliit sya sa paningin, especially in between 2 huge muscular thighs. You grow big bulky muscles but junior's size stays the same. And if your mucles grow, your flexibility suffers, that's why muscular men look stiff. Just imagine your limited range of motion in bed if you're bato-bato. Hehehe! :))

rolly said...

I think many women, at least the ones I've met, shares fionsky's view. Actually, I have yet to find a woman who really dig those strong muscular types. As Fionsky said, parang bato bato. I've heard that too often, I believe it.

BongK said...

yep, not all girls go for buff, some really wanted the likes of us hehehehe (the small ones hahahaha)

doc laro na tayo ng badminton, daming chikababes sa court...

Anonymous said...

the bodybuilder look scares me.

Toni said...

I get the impression that those guys are overly vain... hence, not my type!

watson said...

Doc, is it true that all men have this capability to build their body into bulging muscles? I read that somewhere.

Yung muscular guys, makatawag-pansin. Both looks of admiration and also envy. So mas malaki rin ang chance na mapa-away sila hehehe. So ok na rin ako sa body ko, konting exercise and diet.

Dr. Emer said...

I believe so, Watson. But as I said, I don't want to be a walking Arnie. *LOL*

mia said...

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