23 August 2005

Noodles Exclusively for Diabetics

One of the most crucial aspects in managing diabetes is to avoid after-meal blood sugar spikes caused by eating food items which can quickly bring your sugar levels up minutes after consumption.

This is why the term Glycemic Index (GI) was coined and why a list of food items with their respective glycemic indices are being made available to diabetics. For diabetics, careful and religious choosing of food items they eat can mean a longer life minus the complications of diabetes.

Another alternative in curbing the "blood sugar spikes" is for food manufacturers to come up with food items designed to have low GIs.

In Singapore (where I'll be by the time you read this), there's a food research company which claims to have formulated the world's first noodles exclusively for diabetics.

This is great news. I just might get some and show you when I get back to Manila.

But how effective is it?
A test conducted by doctors at the Changi General Hospital Diabetes Centre shows that the 'after-meal' blood sugar levels of 30 diabetic patients were 54 to 59 percent lower after they were fed with the noodles compared with consumption of regular instant noodles.

Based on the findings, the doctors found Diabetrim™ viable as a diet option for diabetics, particularly for those with poor control of 'after-meal' blood sugar levels.

According to the Glycemic Index database published by the University of Sydney in Australia, the Glycemic Index values of white rice, rice noodles, udon noodles, brown rice pasta, potatoes and bread are all higher than that of instant noodles.

Based on these established GI values, the rational conclusion is that Diabetrim™ will also produce lower after-meal blood sugar response than all these common carbohydrate staple foods.

[ ChannelnewsAsia.com, Aug 22 2005 ]

My opinion?

I say food manufacturers shouldn't stop at noodles. They should also try coming up with other food favorites like cake, ice cream, pasta, etc., with lower glycemic indices.

Diabetics shouldn't be deprived of the pleasure one gets from eating.

6 reactions:

BabyPink said...

wow! this is nice. my mommy rosie would like this. and, i agree with you when you said that manufacturers shouldn't stop at noodles.:)

xingkit said...

i agree with you, sana meron din cakes, ice cream, etc. my mom has been advised to eat like a diabetic (although she's not one), siempre she prepares the food, pati ako affected :-)

rolly said...

this is great news for me! Would you believe I eat pancit with rice?
Soem people say it's weird, well, maybe, considering that I am a diabetic. But come to think of it, they also eat it with bread naman e. hehe

I hope those researchers are reading you. I hate it when I can't eat anything I like. I just love food.

bayi said...

This is great news. I cannot resist noodles!

Dr. Emer said...

'Glad you liked this news about noodles, my friends. Now let's pray it comes to our shores soon. Diabetes is on a rampage. More and more people will find they have diabetes in the future.

aa said...

this is good news doc emer for dibtcs like me. i've been very very lax lately with food which led to my bs spikes again. now i have to be very strict with my diet. am back to noodles, oat meals, etc.