08 September 2005

Seven Tips For a Sharp Brain

You can get to be 80 years old and remain young by having a sharp mind. At the ongoing BA Festival of Science in Dublin, Ireland, Professor Ian Robertson gives 7 tips to keep your brains in top shape all the time:
First is Aerobic Exercise - the more aerobically fit you are, the healthier your brain becomes.

Second is Mental Stimulation - play chess, do crossword puzzles, do math problems, do anything in which your mind will be challenged to solve a puzzle.

Third is New Learning - learn a new skill like dancing, playing a musical instrument, painting, or speaking a new language.

Fourth is Decreasing Stress - eliminate and lessen different types of stress in your lives, mostly physical and emotional stress. Strive to be happy!

Fifth is being Socially Active - go out with your friends, call on your classmates from high school, and don't close your doors on those blind date offers.

Sixth is improving Dietary Habits - eat more servings of fruits, vegetables, and fish.

Last is... Think Young! - "If you think of yourself as old at 60, which isn't really justified any more, then you will behave as though you're old and you will do fewer of these seven things that can have such positive effects."

[ Irish Times, Sept 8 2005 ]

You don't have to be old to begin all these tips. You can begin now.

Happy thinking, guys!

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