25 October 2005

Being Crummy

Like early retirement, a "crummy boss" is also bad news for your heart. In fact, he may be "slowly killing you."
"This is the first study to demonstrate that justice at work may protect against coronary heart disease," said lead author Mika Kivimaki, a professor at the University of Helsinki and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in Helsinki, Finland.

"Justice, equity and altruism have been the drivers of benign developments in human societies according to a wide range of studies across a broad spectrum of disciplines," Kivimaki said. "Our findings on coronary heart disease, the leading cause of death in all western societies, suggest that organizational justice is also a topic worthy of consideration in health research."

The study appears in the Oct. 24 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine.

The authors explained that people feel a sense of justice at work when they believe that higher-ups are considering their viewpoint, involving them in decision making and treating them truthfully. [Forbes Health, Oct 24 2005]

In my opinion, it isn't just a crummy boss that may be slowly killing us. Anybody can be crummy. It can also be a crummy wife, a crummy girlfriend, a crummy best friend, or a crummy co-worker.

Being crummy --- defined as being miserable or wretched --- can be ascribed to anyone in our lives who makes us feel low, uncared for, and ignored. One episode might sting us, but repeated episodes slowly hurt us literally....in the heart. Blood pressures rise, and before we know it, we have a coronary attack....which may be noticed or caught by chance by a regular ECG.

How to deal with these people? Avoid them at all cost if you are the sensitive type.

How about if you're the crummy one? Well, start being nice for a change. It will be good for everyone, including yourself.

6 reactions:

bayi said...

Crummy bosses are a real pain. A study has shown that even if the company is an excellent one, employees will still resign if his immediate boss is a crummy one. The resign because one cannot truly be happy working without being treated with dignity. Even the excellent benefits offered by their company can't keep them.

Dr E said...

Very true, Bayi. 'Excellent proof that money can't buy everything.

eye said...

I am an example of what bayi just said. I left my old company exactly a month ago due to the above reasons. Being recognized is entirely different from any salary increase nor excellent benefit packages. In our case, NOTA were given harharhar!

Dr E said...

Good decision, Eye. I hope these companies see that they have to modify the way they treat their employees.

fionski said...

Ehh, wassup doc?
Stress Management. I'm confused. Which is more detrimental to one's health: yung nagkikimkim ng sama ng loob o yung laging galit at nageexpress ng galit?

joyce said...

oh my...asar pa naman ako lately sa mga masusungit sa callcenter...hay naku! kukunin din sila ni Lord!