18 October 2005

Improve Sex Life with Weight Loss

Almost everyone knows that when you lose weight, there are many advantages that go with it. You bring down your cholesterol and fat levels, you get a healthier heart, you become less prone to develop diabetes, you have less chances of having a stroke, and most of all, and perhaps what everyone really appreciates is that they feel a good sense of well-being after shedding off those unwanted pounds.

But do you know that losing weight can also improve your sex life?
The study participants followed a weight-loss program that included dietary counseling and prescription weight-loss medications for two years. At the end of the first three months, dieters lost an average of 12% of their starting weight and reported improvements in all areas of sexual quality of life. The biggest improvements were in sexual attractiveness, willingness to be seen undressed and sexual desire.

The findings for women after 12 months (because most of the participants were women, the findings were more statistically significant for them):

• 26% reported not feeling sexually attractive, down from 68% at the beginning of the study.

• 34% reported not wanting to be seen undressed, down from 63%.

• 11% reported not enjoying sexual activity, down from 21%.

• 15% reported having little sexual desire, down from 39%.

• 15% reported avoiding sexual encounters, down from 29%.

• 12% reported difficulty with sexual performance, down from 27%.

After two years, participants had lost and kept off 13% of their starting weight, and the improvements in sexuality were stable. [USAToday.com, Oct 17 2005]

I think it is logical. After losing unnecesary love handles, and fat limbs, manueverability and sexual acrobatics become easier to perform. Perhaps this leads to a more satisfying sex life. Both sexual partners are happy and feel better than when they were heavier.

4 reactions:

beajerry said...

Maybe Frank Zappa's Sex song's "the bigger the cushion, the better the pushin'" was wrong.

rolly said...

Besides, it's much easier on the bed so eventually, much cheaper, too. Right, doc?

Okay, better start jogging.

Dr E said...

*LOL*, Beajerry. Now that you mentioned it, the bed, I think, is another issue...losing weight and a big bed with good cushion might certainly do the trick for a great sex life.

Tito Rolly, that's a good move...though I don't think you need it. As you've mentioned before, you have a cool sex life.

Jenny said...

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