05 October 2005

New Template

Well, not really that new. This is a variation of the previous template, again by the genius coder and designer Michael Heilemann with help from the equally creative Chris Davis. This is originally designed for Wordpress, but with some tweaking has become adaptable for Blogger, too.

I hope you like this transition. Reactions, violent or otherwise, will be entertained.

UPDATE: Kind readers have emailed to say that the commenting system was not working. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Well, apparently, it needed some fine tuning with Blogger settings. I'm glad to tell you it is working fine now. Please feel free to comment.

4 reactions:

Dr E said...

Some readers were emailimg to say that the comment system was not working.

Testing the comment system. 'Looks fine now. Please feel free to try again. Thanks!

Dr E said...

Testing again, this time using Internet Explorer.

Rygel said...

how did you modify your template? i have wanted to do the same for a long time but i don't know how to do it without affecting the modifications i've made to the original template

Dr E said...

It is a tedious process, Rygel. You need lots of patience. I have a techie-friend who helps me out. You can google for blog templates, and you can choose from lots and lots of choices. I think you also have to know some working knowledge of HTML and CSS. The template I use here comes from Blogger templates.