12 December 2005

Do You Understand God?

Before you think I've suddenly turned into a priest or a pastor, let me explain why my post title is like that.

If you've been working in a hospital for quite some time, you would come across many forms of human suffering. And if you are the type who goes into pensive moments trying to understand the reasons WHY certain things happen --- especially the bad ones --- definitely, there will be times when you would be puzzled.

Or you could already be indifferent by this time. All those emotional sadness is not good for doctors and nurses who are in the forefront of delivering health care. 'Same holds true for the relatives of the patients who aren't only depressed but physically and financially exhausted.

But I came across Nurse May's take on this, and I'd like to share her post with you. It is great introspective reading dedicated to anyone who has encountered human suffering.
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