05 December 2005

Dr. Ecstasy's Lamentations

Dr. Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin, now 80 years old, and credited for popularizing the use of Ecstasy (yes, the illegal rave drug) has recently expressed dismay over the bad rep that Ecstasy has been getting.
"It's gone out of control," lamented Shulgin, a tall Californian with a mane of white hair and a Santa Claus-like beard, who is widely known as "Dr. Ecstasy."

A psychopharmacological researcher who once had a license from the U.S. government to develop any illegal drug, Shulgin believes so strongly in the power of psychedelic drugs in unlocking the human mind that he plans to publish a 1,500-page encyclopedia next year of all his creations.

The 80-year-old former lecturer at the University of California at Berkeley, who self-tested many of his experiments and admits to more than 4,000 psychedelic experiences, finds little comfort in Ecstasy's image as the drug of choice at all-night nightclub dance parties or raves.

"These rave scenes have added kindling to the fire of governmental disapproval," he said.

[REUTERS Health, Dec 02 2005]

You can find more useful info on Ecstasy here and here.

Sometimes, the misuse of any new invention deviates from the real reason of its invention. Bad reputation ruins any good it can do, and in the end, its real potential to treat --- in this case, mental illnesses --- is jeopardized. My opinion? I think government authorities should give it a chance under strict regulations. After all, there are so many mentally ill people out there needing help.
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