08 December 2005

Lovers' Quarrels Are No Good

...and not only because they threaten your relationships, but because of a recently discovered health reason.

Researchers recently found that the hostility between partners during so-called "love quarrels" seemed to hinder the production of cytokines which are essential for wound healing.
Quarreling couples studied in a laboratory setting had a slower wound healing process than when they were not arguing, as measured by how rapidly blisters healed. The blisters were deliberately inflicted on the test subjects by using a vacuum pump on the arm.

"Couples who demonstrated consistently higher levels of hostile behaviors ... healed at 60 percent of the rate of low-hostile couples," said the report published in the December issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry.

The authors said there is already a sizable body of research showing that marital disagreement causes adverse health impacts ranging from high blood pressure and depression to the ability to cope with heart disease and heart failure.

[REUTERS Health, Dec 06 2005]

There you go. Another reason not to be too hotheaded and stubborn with your romantic partner. Fights are part of every relationship, but don't overdo it, ok? It's bad for your health. Continue loving each other.

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