31 December 2005

Vitamin D Against Certain Cancers

Here's some great news for those who love eating salmon, tuna, eggs, cheese, and those who have made the leap of faith to incorporate drinking milk at least once a day.
The "natural" form of the vitamin, known as D3, could dramatically reduce the chances of developing breast, ovarian, and colon cancer, as well as others, by up to 50 per cent, according to the research published in the American Journal of Public Health. The findings are based on a review of 63 studies that looked at the relationship between blood levels of vitamin D and cancer risk

The research concluded that 1,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D were required daily could to lower an individual’s cancer risk. Such large doses of vitamin D must be treated with caution as more than 2,000 IU a day can lead to the body absorbing too much calcium, and possible damage to the liver and kidneys.

[ TIMES Online, 28 December 2005 ]

Want to know more about this vitamin? Click on Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet: Vitamin D

4 reactions:

rolly said...

Tuwa na sana ko, doc kasi mahilig ako sa itlog and other food that gives Vitamin D, kaya lang me trade-off pa rin pala kung maparami. haay buhay.

joffin said...

Maraming salamat sa New Year Greetings mo. Very educational na naman itong post mo doc. Alam mo, hindi ako umiinom ng Vitamin D na separate, siguro I should. At siguro, I should make a habit of drinking my multi-vitamins daily. Happy New Year din sa inyo!!

Dr. Emer said...

Happy New Year, Tito Rolly and Jof!

The simplest way to get Vitamin D is to get yourself some sunshine. Preferable time is early morning--- 6 to 9am--- anything beyond that time (research shows) is already considered a risk for skin cancer. But since we have more melanin, I guess we can push it until something like past-10am.

Unimum209 said...

I love that you use your blog for health promotion. This study is certainly interesting, thanks for the information.

Happy New Year!