30 January 2006

'Bird Flu-Casters' A Good Idea

DAVOS, Switzerland --- The United Nations is considering using "flu-casters", modeled on television weather forecasters, to publicize vital information if a global flu pandemic strikes.

They could broadcast latest developments from emergency-response facilities at the U.N.'s World Health Organization in Geneva, according to David Nabarro, the U.N.'s top influenza coordinator.

"The flu-casters would draw out the maps and keep people engaged at regular intervals ... beaming it from the WHO bunker," Nabarro told Reuters in an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

[Reuters , 28 Jan 2006]

I think that proposal is a good idea to prevent more bird flu cases. World health authorities can collaborate data of H5N1 outbreaks both in humans and animals so that travel to places concerned can be avoided.

As of this writing, the Philippines remains free of bird flu. The first and only incident reported happened mid-last year and was easily controlled. No casualties were reported.

The latest on bird flu news is HK's confirmation that a second Oriental Magpie Robin has died this month because of avian flu. Countries on the watch list include Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam. The WHO has excellent tabulated reports of countries involved here. More avian flu info here and here.

2 reactions:

Duke said...

I've seen the news on this one. I also think it it a good idea. There are still many people who do not know the right information about bird flu.

As G.I. Joe says.. Knowing is half the battle.

eye said...

a lot of people here have been avoiding chicken meat for some time now, although i think (?) most of the reported cases are in asia. well, i guess it's better to be paranoid than sorry!