06 January 2006

Cell Phones and Your Family Life

When work seems to invade and harm your family relationships, blame your cell phones.

This seems to be the message Reuters reports today when it says that cell phones might be harming your family life.
The round-the-clock availability that cell phones and pagers have brought to people's lives may be taking a toll on family life, a new study suggests.

The study, which followed more than 1,300 adults over 2 years, found that those who consistently used a mobile phone or pager throughout the study period were more likely to report negative "spillover" between work and home life --- and, in turn, less satisfaction with their family life.

Spillover essentially means that the line between work and home begins to blur. Work life may invade home life --- when a parent is taking job-related calls at home, for instance --- or household issues may start to take up work time.

[Reuters Health, 05 Jan 2006]

Do you agree?

9 reactions:

rolly said...

Well, it's possible but I don't think the problem is that great! On the contrary, the spill over can work to the family's advantage because they will have time to share within the household what's happening in the office and at school. Yung spill over sa trabaho ang mahirap. Imagine you are in a very important meeting, tapos, biglang mag-te-text yung anak mo kasi inaaway siya ng kuya niya... o kaya, nagtatanong kung ano uulamin... :-)

Dr. Emer said...

I fully agree, Tito Rolly. With us, the problem seems to be in the reverse. The spilloever of family life into work is the case. *LOL* Thanks for bringing that up.

Rygel said...

i think its just a problem for doctors when patients call or text and start having consultations over the cell phone :)

bayibhyap said...

Cell phones can be very interruptive if you don't know how to use them to your advantage. When I am busy or doing something important, I will take the call later. My phone emits a single beep so that no one is rudely disrupted whenit rings.

beajerry said...

If you drop your baby in order to answer your cell phone, then it's probably not a good sign.

BatJay said...

especially for you doctors - the cellphone is probably your worst nightmare. especially when it rings in the middle of the night.

BabyPink said...

i agree. kaya minsan naiinis ako sa nakaimbento ng cellphone eh. minsan. hehehe:)

happy new year, doc!:)

Dr. Emer said...

Happy New Year, BabyPink and everyone! I agree with beajerry not to drop the baby. *LOL*

Rygel, I do that often. It makes the art of healing more personal. :) Well, it has its bad sides, of course.

Thanks for visiting everyone!

Jemzky said...

Totally. I get calls/texts all the time. Anytime. Anywhere. Hindering me from spending more quality time with my family. Anyway, technogy comes at a price. Either we live with it or we don't.