17 January 2006

Having Alcohol While Working

Do you drink alcohol while working? Has it become a habit? Why do you do it?

I haven't personally encountered any drunk office worker, but I have run across taxi and jeepney drivers who reeked of gin while driving. A new study says this incident may not be that uncommon among.....office workers.
Michael Frone, an associate professor of psychology, estimates that in the last year, 1.8 percent of the workforce has consumed alcohol at least once before coming to work, 7.1 percent of workers drank alcohol at least once during the workday and 9.2 percent of the workforce has soldiered on with a hangover.

The study, published in this month's Journal of Studies on Alcohol, found that alcohol use was more common among men, younger workers and single people. The good news is that such use is infrequent. For example, of employees who drank before work, 71 percent did it less than monthly.

[Los Angeles Times, 16 Jan 2006]

I can imagine the dire outcomes if this happened more frequently. On the good side, I knew that alcohol had positive effects on the works of people like Edgar Allan Poe and Salvador Dali. Maybe even Paulo Coelho. Still, nothing can justify drinking alcohol while working. Check with your boss if you don't believe me.

6 reactions:

bayibhyap said...

In the cse of drivers, it is dangerous for them to consume alcohol if they are driving passengers.

For office workers, consumption of alcohol during office hours is a definite no-no. It may impair the decision-making ability of the worker. It does not give the company a good image if its employee smells of alcohol while dealing with customers, or even suppliers and contractors.

Dr. Emer said...

I totally agree, Bayi. It does NOT look good for both the company and the employees to be reeking with alcohol while working.

TinTin said...

Hahah! yeah. Ask, them is it okay that I'm drunk? Hilarious.

BabyPink said...

a cab driver actually told me that it's bawal for them to drink while they're driving.:)

nick joaquin is famous for his love for san miguel beer din, 'di ba?:)

Dr. Emer said...

Unless they work in a bar, Tin. Even so, I think its still a no-no. *LOL*

Oh yes, Baby Pink. Quijano De Manila loved SMB!

eye said...

i saw on tv last month (i think), an artist was found dead by the pond. autopsy found no foul play whatsoever except that his stomach's fluids smelled like mouthwash. police found big empty mouthwash bottles at his tent near the pond. apparently, he's been drinking them since they're cheaper and has relatively high alcohol content @ 27%.

sayang, galing pa naman niya, pero reklamo ng co-workers eh lasing nga daw madalas.