25 February 2006

PROCLAMATION 1017: Back To Square One?

Thirty-four years since President Marcos issued his own Proclamation 1081, GMA issued her own Proclamation 1017 yesterday....perfect timing for celebrating the 20th anniversary of the famous EDSA People Power revolution.

Are we now back to square one? You tell me.

I can't answer that yet while the action here continues to unfold. Meanwhile, here are some interesting insights:

4 reactions:

Rygel said...

Deadma! :) i just wish Gloria would hire a spokesperson, her face just irritates me - whether she smiles or tries to look serious, it looks 'plastic'. How can anyone take her seriously?!?

Poppycock said...

the pictures give me the chills doc emer. it's like a flashback to the time when as a young child, i didn't know enough to understand why my parents were quiet and sombre while watching that telecast on tv. i just felt that life became different after that.

Dr. Emer said...

I know what you mean, Rygel. :) The eyes mirror the sincerity of the heart....who was it who said that?

It's deja vu, Mayamaya. It goes by a different name nowadays, but it's the same banana.

bayibhyap said...

Deja vu best describes the situation. I think GMA got jumpy over the aborted coup and the blast in the Presidential grounds and did a pre-emptive strike of her own before any group manage to use the expected surge of patriotism associated with the anniversary of EDSA to endanger her rule.