07 February 2006

Service Interruption

If you've been having problems accessing this weblog lately, it is due to "Blogger's planned and unplanned outages." There's one more coming at 7:00 PM PST (around 11 am today, Manila time), another service interruption to replace an older hardware that has been giving it problems in the past.

I've nothing against that. I'm all for service improvement. But sometimes it does get a bit annoying when you have an important post to write and suddenly you find you got no access. Fellow Bloggers like Orac and Alexander have been complaining the past week. In my case, my Blogger outages took place Saturday morning (Feb 4, from 8:08am to 9:06am) and again Sunday morning (Feb 5, from 7:08am to 12:44pm). These were all "unplanned outages" according to the Blogger Support Team.

I've been advised many times before by friend bloggers to jump ship (shift to WordPress, Movable Type or Typepad) and to get my own webhost. I have proscrastinated on this partly because I continue to hope that being a Google company, Blogger service will improve soon. I do hope so. A man can only have a limited amount of patience.

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AlbertB said...

The Ultra-Wowowee disaster is a tragic rebuke on society. It is the class of TV entertainment, TV network and commercial industry practices, gaming mania, and exploitation of the desperation of the poor and our human frailties.

To ignore the danger is to deserve the disaster.