02 March 2006

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Here's a rejoinder to my Sleep post last year....The US health news item below about sleep caught my eye and made me relate it again to the local setting:
[San Francisco Chronicle, 01 Mar 2006] A record 43 million sleeping-pill prescriptions were filled in this country last year, fueled by almost US$300 million in drug companies' ad spending and resulting in more than $2 billion in sales.

We are, to put it mildly, an increasingly sleepless nation. It's a big problem -- and a big business, especially for the pharmaceutical industry, which according to some estimates could be pulling in US$5 billion annually from sleep remedies within four years.

How about in the Philippines? How much sleep are Filipinos getting? Do you manage to have at least 6-8 hours of sleep each night?

Taking sleeping pills to sleep is not encouraged specially if there's really no reason to. Decrease your caffeine intake (coffee, sodas, energy drinks) and learn to develop a healthy, active lifestyle. Regular exercise helps you fall asleep every night.

When one is sleep-deprived, there is a notable effect on judgment skills, on one's temper, and on one's physical endurance to handle daily tasks. Most underestimate and ignore the importance of sleeping, not knowing that this simple physiologic need is key to one's total well-being.

BOTTOMLINE: No excuses please, you MUST make time for sleep.

7 reactions:

bayibhyap said...

I get about 5 hours of sleep every night. It used to be sufficient when I was younger but now I find myself needing more. I am trying to adjust my lifestyle to get 6 - 6.5 hours per night. I ger edgy when I don't sleep enough. It's ok i the morning but the effects are telling after 2.00 pm or so.

Stephen said...

Unfortunately, caffeine is an addictive drug. So an unhealthy percentage of these people are medicating their medications. Far from being regulated, products with caffeine are not required to even post how much they have. This would allow people to self medicate.

kiwipinay said...

guilty ako dito especially the caffeine intake. i was about to tell my gp to prescribe me some sleeping pills coz i really don't get enough sleep. i thought it was something about my present condition. pero di ba, ikaw din madalas kang kulang sa tulog. :D

bing said...

sleep is one of the things money cant buy. but is it true that when one gets older, sleeping time gets less?

Dr. Emer said...

Yes! Here's to more sleeping time, Bayi!

Oh yes. I see plenty of caffeinated beverages here with no information whatsoever of their caffeine content, Stephen.

Guilty as charged, Kiwi. But I long to see the day when i can relax more.

Yes, Bing. It is true that "when one gets older, sleeping time gets less." It's normal physiology. The more people should do things to encourage quality sleeping habits. Thanks for visiting me.

eye said...

i've been sleep-deprived since i transferred to my new company, coz' we have a 10-hour/day work sched... the moment i touch my pc at home, i'm dead :D

Dr. Emer said...

Take care, Eye! Hope you can remedy your sleep hunger. :)