07 March 2006

Corrupted Code

My previous template got corrupted, and it wasn't displaying very well in Internet Explorer. The right hand column was displaced way, way below the whole page. It is now in the 'ICU' and getting repaired by my techie friend. Meanwhile, I have this new Powell Street template from Blogger Templates.

The full links haven't been fully uploaded yet, but this will do for the meantime. Expect the full version before the week ends.

Can I ask you a favor? Can I get some feedback how this looks in your browser? Is it loading well? Are there any missing links? What browser are you using?


3 reactions:

TinTin said...

I'm using firefox 1.5. So far it looks good!

ting-aling said...

IE. It looks good at my end. In fact I like this better than the old one. 'hope you take it as an honest opinion. :-)

Anonymous said...

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