24 May 2006

"People shouldn't have to go to work to die"

What an irony.

It makes you angry, but then there's nothing much you can do once the disease spreads. You can only make modifications when it hasn't happened yet. Prevention is still the best cure. Sadly, very few people are listening.

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eye said...

hi doc, di ko sure kung dito ko rin nabasa pero how true na ang chinese ay prone sa lung cancer dahil sa madalas nilang pag-inom ng tsaa? hot water/steam enters the lungs, something like that... tea lover pa naman ako :(

bayibhyap said...

Ironical as the situation may be, there are millions of couples all over the world where one smokes and the other does not. One shouldn't have to marry to die too.

If you truly love another, you should be strong enough to give up smoking.

ipanema said...

According to statistics, lung cancer is the biggest cancer killer in the world. The latest to succumb is Dana Reeve (Christopher Reeve's wife), a non-smoker herself.

It's alarming that second hand smoke could cause one's death.

With the recent post on RA 9211 blatantly ignored in our country, there may be cases of silent sufferers from second hand smoke.

"People shouldn't have to go to work to die"

Nobody has to. Change of job perhaps? :) Or Canada should impose non-smoking in restaurants and other places just as the UK did earlier this year.

[sign of my addiction, I still post even if I'm supposed to be on leave.] :)

Dr. Emer said...

EYE: I think the Chinese are prone to lung cancer because they smoke a lot, and not because of tea drinking. :)

BAYI: "One shouldn't have to marry to die too." Good point, but I haven't met a girl yet who set that as the main quality she seeks in a man. :)

IPANEMA: "...there may be cases of silent sufferers from second hand smoke." Thousands and thousands, I believe. Children are the ones I pity the most. :(

bayibhyap said...

Dr Emer

Love is not just blind. It is TRULY blind! :)

bayibhyap said...

Last night I was reading an articles that said the number of smokers in the US have come down. I wonder if this is true.