25 June 2006

How Old Was Your Mom When You Were Born?

People are more likely to see their 100th birthday, research hints, if they were born to young mothers.

The age at which a mother gives birth has a major impact on how long her child will live, two researchers from the University of Chicago's Center on Aging told the Chicago Actuarial Association meeting this spring.

The chances of living to the ripe old age of 100 --- and beyond --- nearly double for a child born to a woman before her 25th birthday, Drs. Leonid Gavrilov and Natalia Gavrilova reported. The father's age is less important to longevity, according to their research.

[Reuters, 23 June 2006]

My mom was nearly 41 years old when I was born, so if we were to base it on this study alone, I think I will never live up to a hundred. I would like to believe that long life depends on the interplay of a lot of factors. Good genes is on top of the list, of course. And then, there's better lifestyle choices like refraining from smoking, too much alcohol drinking, eating too much sweets, having a regular form of exercise, eating more fruits and veggies, having a less stressful life, and having an adequate amount of sleep every night.

Would you like to live to a hundred? Would you like to call it quits when you reach 70 or 80? Death comes like a thief, and science still has no power over it. I say, live your life as if death is always near......so you won't be too sorry if it comes sooner than later.

6 reactions:

ruth said...

i think now it'not simply a matter of longevity. more important is living long AND healthy. i definitely don't want to reach 100 if it means that the last decade or so will be spent in illness anyway.

ipanema said...

Neither me nor my children will reach 100. My mother was 34 when I was born and I had my first born when I was 26. :)

Moof said...

Dr. Emer, I can't imagine living to the age of 100 ... although in my case, it's unlikely for a number of reasons, the least of which is that my mother was 39 when I was born.

There's really a certain relief in thinking that there will come a time to rest, though.

It's already difficult seeing my older friends leaving me ...

Dr. Emer said...

RUTH: Amen to that. :)

IPANEMA: If the study is correct, then your firstborn might live up to a hundred. :)

MOOF: Death = Relief. Only a select number of wise people see it that way. Most still want to hang on to dear precious life even if it means staying in a hospital bed.

Sassy Lawyer said...

But who wants to live to be 100. Buti sana kung healthy pa.

Stephen said...

My ambition is to become old enough to plan my own surprise birthday party.