09 June 2006

The Latest BS

I know what you're thinking. No, BS in this case is not anything uncouth or discourteous. Far from it, I assure you (though if you think long enough about it, you might also find it to be so). BS is Blogger Status as the image below shows. I'll spill the bad news first, then the good news....

The BAD news is that I think there will probably be more Blogger outages and downtime in the days, weeks to come. I'm pretty sure Jason and the other brains behind the pioneer blogging software are doing their incomparable efforts to prevent this, but we are wrong to assume that Google's presence in the company will make their machinery more competent. No, sir. Well, at least, not yet --- there, I'm still being a hesitant optimist, ok? Bottomline: please bear with more inconveniences like inability to comment and for me, inability to publish. If you have important shout-outs, please use the tag-board on the lower right panel...or email me directly using my GMail addy.

The GOOD news is that I'm still not jumping ship. I'm sticking it out. Loyal is my middle name this time. Tempting offers (free hosting, free domain, hefty compensations, etc.) have been put forward many times to me, but I politely declined them all because I still think blogging should be free. Free for you and me. What I write here comes under no influence or pressure from any sponsor whatsoever. It's just you and me, here, and I plan to make it so for a long time. Besides, every journey has its bumps and curves and these make the whole trip worthwhile. I'm with Blogger until it dissolves. I pray you bear with me just as I grin and bear with their difficulties.

UPDATE: Here's another BS from Blogger's engine room....

I think we are in for more difficulties and downtimes. They can't even spell "harDware" correctly. But hey, I'm cutting them some slack --- 'told you I was a loyal Blogger --- they seem to be up on their toes and working....or at least, giving a good impression of it. *LOL*

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ipanema said...

[Ipanema, the old witch handing over gold medal award for loyalty to Dr. Emer of Parallel University.]

Seriously, yes we've been experiencing this for a few days now. I have a hard time uploading photos. One post is up.

It's pro-bloggers with a following like yours who are experiencing a hell of a time. Anyway, everything will be fine. Let's just be patient with these tech glitches.

[ The old witch sits by a shady tree, puffing tabako...hush now, blogger is fixing.] :)

rolly said...

i am staying, too. MAganda naman ang naging serbisyo sakin ng blogger. Wala pa akong nagiging problema sa kanya. And, like you, I am loyal, too. Tanong mo pa sa asawa ko. haha

ipanema said...

[gives another one to rolly linisan mo yan araw-araw, ok?]

I pledge allegiance to blogger.com din ako. I am more of a poster than a blogger. :)

BernicE said...

hi doc! yeah blogger has lotsa technical difficulties lalo na pagpeak time. minsan ayaw mag-publish.

how are you anyway? :)


Duke said...

During late evenings here, I couldn't access any blogger page and whenever I could, the comment system would be down.

I guess it's temporary.

have a good weekend, doc E!

bayibhyap said...

Hey, everything seems fine now but the inconvenience was really frustrating while it lasted.

Dr. Emer said...

You're not an old witch, Ipanema. You should stay around longer with Blogger to appreciate the frustrations. *LOL*

Tito Rolly, I can certainly vouch how loyal you've been to your wife...and Blogger, of course. :)

How are you, Jababes? Long time, no hear. :)

It's certainly not temporary, Duke. Watch out for more outages, and downtimes. :)

Bayi...I think this is another round of 'calm-before-the-storm,' as it will happen over and over again. They have a bigger problem, they aren't too gracious enough to tell us.

If you want to see more frustrations, click here.

ipanema said...

I was beginning to ponder on the possibility of blaming the constellations with the latest outages and misspellings.

It's just an expression doc, ok, to make it nicer, old bean :)

I wont be that frustrated cuz i dont blog regularly anyway. If it dies a natural death, it doesn't matter to me. And I'm on world cup fever now and I'll be on leave for 10 days starting Monday. :)

bayibhyap said...

It nice to know that so many people are bonded by frustration caused by BS! *LOL*

ipanema said...

I think this pose more concerns.


bayibhyap said...

While the US generally embodies freedom of expression and opennes, the Americans are also quick to make a buck out of situations like this. :(

ipanema said...

Ironic isn't it? For them, there's opportunity to make money. What's the impact if this will be approved? Telecomms will be charging big portals and heavy-traffic websites. So, nothing is free anymore. If I plan to go on with my blog, I have to pay for it.

You've noticed the rapid technological advancement to the next tier. From simple emails, teleconferencing to video blogging, etc. the internet superhighway is fully charge. And telecomm giants aren't happy with free riders. Thus, the proposal.

Free expression is dampened. This is what netizens aren't happy about. Who would be?

Dr. Emer said...

I'm crying already. :(

ipanema said...

Oh! don't be...we will follow you, wherever you go, ok? That's a promise...lol. Promise ng addict.

Wherever you'll put up your new home, we will be there. I dont want to dampen spirits here, but we have to prepare, it's Bill Gates and Google fighting for us. And of course netizens out there.

Cheer up!

tin-tin said...

really loyal, huh? and i've checked your blog, there's no google adsense. thanks for all the free useful information doc :)

bayibhyap said...

I spoke to a telecommunications executive of a listed entity recently. I was told that apart from the equipment used to transmit the SMS messages, the actual cost is NIL! That's why the telecommunications companies can afford to charge us a bare minimum for each SMS sent. But look at the volume and the money they still make. And they have brought down the cost per SMS only in the face of competition. Can you remember the cost per SMS when the service was first introduced? The money they make from us is almost filthy!

ipanema said...

I was thinking if everything will eventually come to that, I think the amount will not be that much. Cost can be offset by advertisements in your blog.

Telecomms are particular with those who video blog for free, among others. This is very common. In Friendster, youngsters are embedding their sites with YouTube videos which are available free.

Dr. Emer said...

IPANEMA: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

TINTIN: I have one and only one google adsense working. The rest I removed. Then, there are the sporadic buttons on the right panel. I try not to pepper this blog with ads.

BAYI: In the Philippines, texting/SMS in the late 90s also used to be free. I agree with your friend that the cost for sending the messages is virtually nil. In business school, I learned from a professor that there is no such thing as business ethics. How true it is. Business exists only with 1 objective --- gain profits. Nothing more.

Anonymous said...

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