01 June 2006

No Tobacco Day

If you are a smoker, do yourself and your love ones a favor --- refrain from smoking.

Yesterday was No Tobacco Day 2006. If it were up to me, I'd make every day no-smoking day.
"Give it up today and look forward to better health, cleaner teeth, nicer smelling hands and clothes, less bad breath, a much higher level of fitness, and a fatter wallet."
Also, non-smokers are known to be better kissers.

Will Chinese and Filipino smokers listen? Uh-huh. Maybe when it's already too late.

On a parallel note, I've been asked many times about some old Filipino women who are quite adept at reverse smoking, a method of smoking in which the lighted end is placed inside the mouth. This is far worse than ordinary smoking. The oral mucosal lining of the mouth is compromised. In one study, more than 95 percent of reverse smokers were observed to exhibit mucosal changes like "leukoplakia, mucosal thickening, fissuring, pigmentation, nodularity, erythema and ulceration."

No matter what style you employ in smoking, the prevailing medical consensus is that it is not good for you.

9 reactions:

ipanema said...

Thanks doc. This is what i've asked before. Now i know the term, reverse smoking. I posted something on aurora tabako brand. Filipino readers who are familiar with movies of Sampaguita Pictures which features old women smoking in reverse(am not that old but i love old films, rather than the screaming, obnoxious themes we have at present, except for a few). So, this is worse.

I tried Cuban Cigar and oh my God, i reeled! Just one puff. I just couldn't take it. I was curious. I wanted to know the proper way of lighting one, because there is a proper way of doing that. It was fun though. I'm a social smoker (the type who smokes with friends only, once in a blue moon, e.g. parties,etc). I was given permission by my elder brother. My first light when I was 3rd year college. I didn't like it that much. So, I can live without it. It's my youngest sister who's like a chimney. The only smoker in the family. My brothers? Healthy lifestyle. :)

Dr. Emer said...

If you're a social smoker, I'm a blizzard smoker. I only smoke when there's a blizzard. *LOL* That was the time when I was in the US.

ipanema said...

lol Doc. In a way, people in China do smoke that much because of the weather. Or those from cold countries - wine and lights. To keep warm. Acceptable? But I think that's no reason to kill themselves by burning their lungs, there are other ways to keep warm.

ipanema said...

Also, non-smokers are known to be better kissers.

I didn't notice this until now. Are you sure about this doc? lol! An inexperienced, non-smoker is a good kisser? I don't think so.

Sometimes it depends on which part he/she's kissing. lol@myself!

But I beg to defer to your generalization Dr. Emer, that non-smokers are good kissers. It's pure baloney. :)

ipanema said...

correction: defer--->DIFFER

Kat said...

reverse smoking always fascinated me whenever i saw older women do it! i found it gross, yet cool in a very weird "how-do-they-do-that" sort of way.

Dr. Emer said...

IPANEMA: Speaking from experience? =)

KAT: Yes, it's one for the books. Really incredible...and harmful, too. =)

ipanema said...

Yes of course! :) Generally, I don't like men who smoke. I can't take second-hand smoke in public, how much more if someone is right beside you all the time puffing. dreadful.

bayibhyap said...

For the Chinese Buddhists who visit Chinese temples, the amount of incense burnt can almost kill anyone patronizing the temples on festive occasions. I believe it is even worse than direst smoking. Even the incense lighted up at the family altars at home is bad, as evident by the yellowish layer on the walls around the area of the altars.

I would suggest they go modern and use electrically lighted "incense" sticks instead of the smoky ones.